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Victorian Wedding Theme Ideas

Victorian Original Wedding Ball Gown
Victorian Inspired Wedding Ball Gown

A Victorian wedding theme is about elegance and sophistication. It starts with choosing the right dress for your Victorian inspired wedding theme. Wedding dresses of the Victorian era had a fitted bodice and small waist that fell over hoops. The Victorian wedding dresses always give you an impression of luxury and royalty, many Victorian Gowns were made with white and ivory satin and lace. This gave the dress a romantic and expensive look. Materials often used to fashion a wedding dress included organdy, tulle, lace, gauze, silk, linen or cashmere.

If you like to go with a Modern Victorian themed inspired wedding dress look you can wear an elegant bolero jacket featuring exquisite scalloped lace with three-quarter length sleeves it will add  a royal wedding feel to your wedding day!

Victorian Wedding Theme Ceremony location

Victorian weddings were held at a church was the most popular location, venue choices options also includes a backyard garden, botanical garden or a state park or An historic Victorian mansion would be ideal

The standard Victorian flower is the rose. But other flowers such as pansies, hyacinths, tulips, and stephanotis evoke similar romantic emotions. Your bridal bouquet should be arranged in the style of a nosegay or tussie mussie, which were then most popular, and should feature blooms symbolic of fruitfulness. The Victorians had a strong belief in special meanings of flowers, and they chose their floral arrangements accordingly. Daisies represent innocence, while Stephanotis ensures happiness in marriage. Orchids symbolize true love, mums guarantee wealth and abundance, and mixing freesia and gardenias alludes to your innocence and purity.

Victorian Wedding Theme Ideas
Victorian Wedding Theme Ideas
Victorian Wedding Theme Ideas

 Victorian weddings featured many of the same decorations as today's weddings -- try candles in ornate candelabras and candlesticks, luxurious flower arrangements in pale pinks and ivory, and touches of lace

At My Stylish Event By Wedding Romantique, we are continually looking for elegant and stylish ideas for your wedding and reception, Victorian Wedding Theme ideas are about class and grace, and calls for romantic gestures of a dainty nature --fine floral china, lots of lace, and sweet-smelling rosebuds, we will be glad to help you create sophisticated and elegant Victorian theme wedding that matches you style and vision

Let us be your Event Planning and Design team for your wedding or event please fill our inquiry form and tell us about your ideas and vision and we will be glad to contact and set up your one hour complimentary consultation.

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