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Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas Champagne with fruits

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas _blue martini

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas 3

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas 5

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas 2

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas 6

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Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas for tropical destination weddings

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas

Wedding Signature Tropical Drinks Ideas

Wedding Signature Drinks Ideas _ root beer floatsWedding Signature Drinks Ideas

Having a signature drink at your wedding can add a fun experience and a great way to set off your cocktail hour and reception.

  • Color Theme Signature Drink :One option to start with to crate your signature drink is with the theme of your wedding. You can choose a color that coordinates with your bridesmaids dresses, and reception theme. You can start with a favorite flavor and start to add ingredients. You can take a hint from the flavor or your cake (think raspberry filling) and move in that direction.
  • Wedding Venue and reception location If you are having a tropical destination or and island beach wedding start with common flavors in the islands such as Mojitos, Bahamas Mamma or anything that represent the islands. 
  • Season Signature Drinks:  If you are having a summer wedding you might try lemonade as a starting place. Another idea is to create a frozen slush, perfect for hot summer weddings. Fall weddings brings to mind peaches, apples, pears and other fruit. Also, pumpkin, cloves, nutmeg and other spices might be ideas for weddings around the October and November time frame. Mint, candy cane and chocolate might be appropriate around the winter holiday time.
  • Special experience signature drinks: Some wedding couples choose to create a drink around a special experience, their honeymoon plans or a memorable trip they took together. Wherever you start, make sure that you pick something meaningful to your time together as a couple.
  • To create the signature drink you have several choices including hiring a mixologist, or taking an existing drink and modifying it to make it unique to your wedding or starting from scratch and creating one that no one has even thought of before!
  • If you start with a classic cocktail, change one ingredient at a time. Change the spirit, change the base flavor, change the garnish, add a new flavor, make it sweeter or tarter.Your signature drink should say something about you as a couple or about your tastes and styles.
  • Signature Drink favor glasses Another idea is to create a memorable experience for your guests, serve it in a unique glass; something that is different and unique and offer them to keep the glass as a favor.
  • Make sure you can make it in sizable quantities easily. Also, if it lends itself to mixing up ahead of time, even better! Make sure you talk about this in detail with your wedding venue. It is likely that you will need to order special ingredients.
  • Non-alcoholic signature drink Offer you guest a non-alcoholic version for the younger crowd and those who choose not to have alcohol.
  • Signature Drink Menus Once you have finalized your signature drink, write a story about it to make it personal. Tell about how you choose the ingredients or theme. Print the recipe so your guests can make it at home.

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*Images are courtesy of Style me pretty wedding blog