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2020 Wedding Cake Table Inspirations

2020 Wedding Cake Table Inspirations with Candles- Image Courtesy of Style me pretty Blog – Elizabeth Lanier Photography

2020 Modern Wedding Cake Table Inspirations-Image Courtesy of Style me pretty blog – Greg Finck Photography

2020 Wedding Cake Table Inspirations with flower circle- Image Courtesy of Style me pretty blog- Oliver Fly Photography

2020-Wedding-Unique-Cake-Table-set-up-Inspirations-Image Courtesy of Style me pretty blog – Jacqui Cole Photography

2020 Wedding Unique Modern Cake Table Stand Inspirations-Image Courtesy of Style me pretty blog – Photography by Sally Pinera

2020 Wedding Cake Flower Table Inspirations -Image Courtesy of Style me pretty blog –Abby Jui Photography.

Wedding Cake Table Decor Inspiration

Your wedding cake is one the most elements of your reception decoration. Start with the cake design and consult with your cake designer to help you create cake that express both of you as a couple and complement your wedding theme and wedding venue location.

A great way to decorate a wedding cake table is to use an elegant table linen to add texture and color.  Floral patterns, stripes and polka dots all make a great statement on your wedding cake tables.


The Cake Stand and accessories such as flowers, satin ribbons, crystal base are great way to add an elegant touch to your wedding cake, think out of box and use a unique focal point at your wedding venue they may have a unique piece of furniture you can use to display the cake. Lighting plays an important role to draw the attention to the cake. Use spotlights to create a dramatic look and make the cake the focal point. You can also create a more vivid look by turning the lights down and using a colored spotlight that matches your color theme.


We love relocating the ceremony flowers and use them at the reception, it will help with flower budget and create a beautiful backdrop or around the cake table. Consult with your florist to make sure the ceremony flowers can be relocated and if there is a relocating fee.


Hope you will enjoy these Cake table décor and inspirations ideas to incorporate in your 2020 and 2021 weddings!


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