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I am honored to receive these amazing wedding couple reviews. I enjoyed helping them create their dream wedding and guiding them thru their wedding planning journey. it has been an honor and privilege to part of their journey. I am excited about this new transition in helping more wedding couple have the same in Greece thru my blog inspiration, tips and ideas!

First and foremost, words cannot express our gratitude for our planner, Suha. She managed to provide us with a wedding that seemed to be like something out of a magazine…in the middle of this COVID pandemic! My husband and I are both nurses and our lives got a little more hectic during this time, but Suha kept us organized and alleviated any stress we had. She always went above and beyond taking care of any and all details. She even managed to save us money by closely working with various vendors. She truly made the planning process enjoyable, when it easily could’ve been disastrous. I can go on and on about this amazing woman, but please if you’re looking for a planner, look no further. We promise it’ll be one of the best choices you’ll ever make.
Cindy & Jesus 11/2020

“Ladies and a few Gents I suppose… if you’re looking for a wedding planner look absolutely NO FURTHER! I’m serious, close the other search tabs you have open because Suha with Weddings Romantique is the absolute best! Point blank, period, drop the mic, the very best in the business. I am a full time teacher and an online teacher at night. I was in the middle of moving to my new address and my Husband was in Afghanistan. I contacted her in April and come December 14th (our wedding day) every single detail was taken care of. She took her time to send me all the options and help me choose. When I tell you to trust her Judgement TRUST IT! She knows exactly what she is doing and she has connections everywhere. Her experience alone put me at ease. It was everything I wanted and more. We had our wedding at Beach Palace Resort Cancun on the sky terrace. It was all so beautiful. I even told her that It took my breath away when I walked into the reception. Imagine that! Your own wedding takes your breath away. I call that magic! I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work and every detail she took to make our day absolutely enchanting and memorable. I gave her a budget and she did everything we wanted and more based on that budget. She’s a miracle worker! If you have decided on a destination wedding, Suha is an absolute must have! Don’t waste any more of your time and contact Weddings Romantique. I promise, promise, promise you Suha will abundantly exceed your expectations and your wildest dreams”
Lisette & Cliff (December 2019)

It has been a little over a week since our dream wedding at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Jamaica. We have been working with Suha Pressey from Weddings Romantique since last August. I found her through a referral and working with her was the best wedding decision we made. I work 40+ hours as a consultant and I knew from the beginning that we needed help planning. I had a vision for a Boho chic wedding on the beach but was overwhelmed with the hundreds of options across multiple countries. From start to finish she has helped with everything. Suha helped us quickly problem solve when our original venue didn’t work out during the site visit.
Her quick action and experience led us to the perfect resort that fit every want and need. Her ability to take our conversations and turn them into a working vision board made it easy for vendors to follow. From wedding decorations to bridesmaids’ dresses. She listened intently and provided options that not only fit my budget but added elegance that fit our style to the design. Her wealth of experience sets her apart. She doesn’t have just a plan B but C and D as well. This especially came in handy when we ran into some hiccups with the linen distributor 2 weeks before the wedding. Before I even checked my email, she had plan B ready to go and even helped us save some money. I’m truly grateful for her financial mind. She worked with us to find alternatives & followed up with the resort on every detail. Her creative vision made our wedding truly dreamy. All our guests were blown away and some say it was the best destination wedding they ever had. This is a direct testament to Suha’s hard work and loving dedication to her brides. She is a décor genius, organized, gives great relationship advice, and will calm you down when you are on the verge of a bridal breakdown. I am truly grateful for everything she has done and feel I have gained a longtime friend. If you are looking for Caribbean/Mexico wedding planner, Suha is the best.” Brittney & Eddie (July 2018)

“Finding Weddings Romantique and working with Suha for a year and a half to plan our destination wedding was the BEST decision we could have ever made for our special day. Suha immediately went to work after our 1st phone call (before the first stage of planning was even paid for), asking questions to get to know us and guide us in the right direction (we had zero idea what we wanted at that point). She was beyond helpful; I received emails with a ton of info based on our conversation right away. From that point on, Suha took charge on what she is genuinely gifted at; custom planning a wedding to fit the bride & groom’s needs & preferences. Her patience and meticulous work, coupled with her background as a financial advisor, allowed her to carefully explain everything, make sure it’s carried out to a T, and keep us within our budget. Her rate is astounding for everything she does. Hours of conversations, dozens of emails, several design concept modifications to get it just right, and a truly unforgettable wedding was carried out (not my biased opinion, just ask our guests!) She is so well acquainted with the hotels she works with, that her clients are given the elite treatment by default. Guidelines with pictures & descriptions she provided the hotel staff and vendors were hard to misunderstand because of how detailed they were. Being the liaison between us and the hotel/vendors was HUGE! She negotiated on our behalf until we were happy, and made sure we met deadlines. She is so knowledgeable about everything to do with weddings, that you can ask her anything – she even found my wedding dress! I feel like Suha became more than our wedding planner, she became a friend. She is a décor genius with elegant taste, and very professional. Most importantly, she is SO passionate about what she does, and it’s evidenced by her work. If you’re planning a Caribbean or Mexican destination wedding, do NOT hesitate and call Suha now! I promise you won’t regret it
Nadine & Nader
(August 2017)

Planning a destination wedding? BOOK.SUHA. ASAP! Seriously. I could not do this without her! She is worth every penny! We are planning a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, and we are 3 months out now! Suha Pressey Owner of Weddings Romantique assists you and takes on anything and everything you could imagine. She has been there with me from the start; creating a budget, picking the location, choosing a resort, save the dates, invitations, creating our website, handling all hotel accommodations for us and our guest, all vendor coordination, and the many changes I’ve made to the design. If you have an idea, she can make it happen. Any time I give her even a hint of what I may like, she will track down the details and make it perfect. She is extremely professional, organized, and prompt. You will receive the most amazing follow up emails with tons of details, constant updates to any design changes, and budget updates. If I have a question, it is answered within an hour or so. If a guest has a question, she answers it for me, but I am always in the loop being copied me on all the message. I just did my site visit down in Cabo, and even the vendors were constantly complimenting her organization and direction to help them create the perfect day for us. Each vendor arrived with specific paperwork and photos from Suha of what we had planned. It was a huge help to have the visuals that day and allowed everyone to be on the same page.
Alexis & Brian (November 2017)

Suha Pressey at Weddings Romantique is simply amazing! My husband and I are still smiling about our wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was a complete success and a dream come true because of Suha’s hard work and dedication. It’s not everyone day that you connect with someone who really gets your vision and takes the time to perfect every detail for your wedding day. Suha’s expertise was impressive after just one conversation. She really listens and understands her clients. But above all else, she is genuinely a good person with a great heart. It is not about money. She just loves working to help others have the wedding they desire and she puts her all into it. Her work speaks for itself. She assisted us with every step of planning from choosing a fabulous resort, choosing save-the-dates that went with our destination, scheduling an onsite visit at the resort, our time at the resort and the actual welcome party and wedding day. If I had any issues or concerns, she was always available. When I called her a thousand times, she never once made me feel like I was a bother. Instead, she was understanding and helped me calm my nerves and remain sane. She truly is an advocate for her clients. She will represent you and your vision and communicate directly with the resort and all vendors to be sure that your special day is perfect! What I like most is that she really listens to you to learn what YOU would like instead of imposing her vision on you like many other planners. You tell her what you are thinking, and she uses her expertise to make it magical. Hiring Suha was one of the best decisions we ever made! She kept us on a timeline and helped us plan the perfect wedding despite our very busy schedules. We are extremely grateful for her knowledge, passion, communication skills, honesty, patience and vision. She is more than a wedding planner; she is a friend! Our wedding was the BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES! I would recommend her a thousand times over. Thank you Suha and Weddings Romantique 
Shalonda and Sean ( June 2017)

If you are planning a wedding, the first thing I would do would be to contact Suha. I never give reviews, and I just cannot say enough about how amazing she is. I just returned yesterday from my destination wedding at Moon Palace in Cancun, and thanks to Suha it was perfect! I am barely unpacked, but I had to write this review because I’ve been thinking about her all week and how special she truly is. Every single decision or piece of advice that she gave me was 100% perfect. She is honest, responsive, and someone you can trust to make your day truly perfect. I had never been to the resort where I planned my wedding of about 50 people, and during my initial conversation I explained what I was looking for and she could not have guided me to a better place. She explained all of the resorts, and which would be the best for me based on group size, incentives, amenities, etc. She sent me tons of pictures and information, and literally knew the answer to any question that I ever had. She answered the phone any time I called or responded to me within the hour. I am extremely picky and very controlling, and every decision that I trusted Suha on, turned out better than I could have imagined. I could go on and on, but if it were not for Suha I KNOW my wedding would not have been nearly as perfect!
Liz & Michael ( January 2017)

It has been approximately a month since our Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Jamaica, and our Friends & Family are still raving about what an AMAZING time they had!!!! I have to begin by Thanking Suha for holding our hand throughout the journey of planning this wedding, it would have been completely impossible to do independently. Her Expertise, Generosity, Positive Reinforcement, Professionalism, Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Humility, and certainly that Bubbly Personality that infects you after every conversation; assisted us every step of the way. Very few see all the work that goes into making your wedding day marvelous, and Suha made it just that!!!! From our venue, to the save the dates, wedding website, vendors, invitations, programs, she offered us so much knowledge and support. For a Bride, it is so beautiful to start out with having an idea of what you want, tweaking the ideas along the way, and then experiencing the entire event unfolding before your eyes, just as you had imagined. We know for certain, Weddings Romantique was the BEST DECISION WE MADE IN PLANNING OUR SPECIAL DAY!!
Gardy & Ashley (October 2016)

Having Suha as our wedding planner was hands down the best decision my husband and I ever made when it came to be planning my Persian American destination wedding. My family is Persian decent and I was getting married to an American. If you have seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” then you get the picture of what it’s like planning a wedding in my culture, I wanted to plan a destination wedding that was drama free, relaxing and fun for everyone else. There was no way due to the size and high expectations of my family we would be able to plan the wedding of our dreams and be relaxed and sane without Suha Pressey. She always went above and beyond to makes sure every aspect of the wedding was well planned and ready to be executed. This was the biggest help especially since my then fiancé and I are engineers that had been in a long distance relationship in different time zones for the last 5 years. There was no way we could plan a wedding on our own and I did not want to put the burden on my parents. That’s where Suha came in and did her magic. She was there for us every step of the way. Anytime I needed to call her she was there. She was more than a wedding planner, she was my moral supporter, my healthy conscious, and now life friend. Without Suha there would not have been a spectacular wedding that both my husband and I would look back on and say it was perfect. Instead it would have been a wedding that we always would have known could have been more or better. Even our guests were saying that our wedding was the best wedding they had ever attended. In addition Suha always kept us on schedule. The wedding planning was done 3 weeks before the big day. Because of her we found the perfect venue for ourselves and our guests and recommended the vendors (including our onsite wedding coordinator and designer who were fantastic). She helped me coordinate colors that would be appealing to the eye and in the photos. When it came to weather and unknowns Suha helped us become aware about the climate related nuisances we did not know much about. (I.e. sunset, rainy seasons) She gave us ideas for gift giveaways for our guests that was unique and cost effective for transport to our destination. She gave us advice on transportation and logistics. Suha even helped my husband figure out where to have our honeymoon. It was beautiful. Due to our busy schedules she made frequent international calls to the resort to check up on details, something we would not be able to do due to our busy schedules. I don’t know what I would have done without Suha. If you are looking for a destination wedding planner look nowhere else. It’s Suha Pressey owner of Weddings Romantique.
Laila & Andrew (June 2015)

We wanted to take the time to thank you for playing such a major role in making our dream Caribbean wedding come to life! Having a destination wedding has truly been a childhood dream. Punta Cana was our destination choice, and we absolutely loved it! Suha made the process extremely simple and paid attention to every detail of our wedding. She was someone we could talk to on a daily basis, and she always gave her honest opinion. Her years of experience in planning destination weddings and great relationships with the resort wedding coordinators made it so much easier for our “Purple Paradise” wedding vision to come true. Suha communicated thoroughly with the resort coordinators, and always properly expressed our wedding requests. Our wedding ceremony and reception was absolutely beautiful!!! We are forever grateful for all of her hard work and dedication to making our wedding the BEST day of our lives! It would not have been the same outcome without her help!
Rachel and Eric (April 2015)

Chris and I are extremely grateful for your passionate, hardworking, creative, and exceptionally talented services. Suha, you weren’t only a wedding planner to us, you were a friend during this process. You executed more than what we anticipated and advocated on our behalf from day one. You helped develop an efficient budget, guided and advised us in every step. From the ideal resort to décor, vendors… and most importantly, you fought on our behalf when our wedding plans were altered several weeks before our wedding by the Hard Rock Punta Cana. You pulled strings from every angle to execute a personalized wedding tent reception with exquisite décor that completely complimented our style. Thank you for making our dreams come true!!”
Chris & Nisy (May 2015)

Suha are very knowledgeable with the locale and the various resorts and knows some excellent outside vendors that can upgrade your wedding design. Her knowledge and experience with all of the background details that go into designing and executing a wedding are invaluable. She took a lot of the headache out of having to communicate with points of contact in another country. It was clear that the resorts and vendors that do business with her respect her, which also made things easier. She also has a wonderful personality and is very quick to respond on anything and everything that was brought to her attention. It was clear to me that she loves her job, which comes through in her positive, can-do attitude. I would recommend Suha owner of Weddings Romantique Stylish Destination Wedding Planning & Event Design services as a valuable investment in your wedding. Thank you for everything you did with my wedding. The wedding turned out beautifully and all of my guests had a fantastic time! 
Lindsay & Dave (March 2015)

We can’t thank you enough for all you did to make our daughter and now son-in-law’s wedding “picture perfect”. We could never have had such a truly wonderful wedding without you there to guide us every step of the way. You took care of all the details and let us enjoy the whole experience. We were never uptight nor were we stressed at all the details that needed doing because you were there to see that everything was done. You have such a passion for what you do and it shows in every detail. In the beginning, you put together a conference call of all the parties so that all questions could be answered by every specialist involved. That was very reassuring. You handled all the vendors and made sure they were the best in the area. You knew what our budget was and made sure that we stayed within our means. We are truly grateful for that! One of the things my husband and I were so impressed with is your business sense. You respond so quickly to any questions your clients have and you are always there to reassure them when they need it. You not only know how to do business, you care about your clients and have their best interests at heart. You make sure that all the steps to this beautiful puzzle come together to make a masterpiece.
Jim and Judy (January 2011)

I could not be happier with my decision to work with Weddings Romantique for planning our destination wedding. My mother and I struggled for 2 months trying to contact resorts and gather the information we needed just to choose a location!! My fiancé and I both work full time and it is so difficult to contact the people you need to work with on nights and weekends. I was beginning to think it was hopeless! Then we began working with Suha and everything changed. We had a location in less than a week that fit all of our wants and needs. She had a wedding budget and a plan for us. Everything started to turn around. We were spinning until we started working with Suha I wish someone had told me the same thing. It is worth every penny!!! I just wish I found her earlier! She will make your life so much easier. The wedding will become fun to plan and you will enjoy all of your phone calls and emails with Suha. She is always upbeat and always has your back. If you are reading this, you are thinking about working with Suha. Don’t think any longer. Just do it. It was the best and easiest decision I’ve made besides saying yes to my soon to be husband!
Wendy and Al (January 2011)

Why we chose Suha? At first, I thought that I could do this on my own and I started the research” portion of it. I not only researched specific resorts and locations but I also looked up specific information on destination weddings in general. To be honest it was very overwhelming. I spent countless hours researching and I felt that I was getting nowhere. Then I started running across different forms of “help”, so to speak such as individual destination wedding planners. I wanted something more personal. I wanted to be able to call and/or email someone at my leisure. I wanted someone who would manage the entire planning process. After corresponding with Suha via email and a few live calls, I decided that she was the right person to help me with my destinations wedding planning. She showed me that she was extremely knowledgeable, had great communication and most importantly, she responded to all my requests and emails in a timely manner. Suha has helped us with everything! I think the only thing that I am doing on my own is looking for my dress. She helped us stay within our budget and she drew up different options for us; she has helped with everything from finding the location, resort wedding contracts, resort room group rates and details for the actual day. I am extremely happy that I decided to work with Suha I have a very demanding personal and work life and I can’t imagine having done all this without her! Susana and Manuel (May 2011)

Suha is an experienced, patient, versatile, kind and efficient wedding planner. She is always there to guide you to make the best decision for YOUR wedding. I highly recommend her service to anyone. I feel very fortunate having her as my planner Anna and Danny (November 2011)

Suha – you have been an invaluable part of our wedding planning process. From the beginning you have gone above and beyond. You found us the perfect location and negotiated amazing rates on everything. Your attentiveness and drive to help us have the best wedding possible, you make me feel like I’m your only client. But what I appreciate the most is your ability to keep me calm through this whole stressful process. You are the best! The wedding was PERFECT. Completely perfect! Thank you so, so, so much for all you did to help contribute to that, because of you we had the wedding of our dreams. Liberty and Jordan (May 2010)

You went above and beyond all my expectations of what the process should be like and I can’t thank you enough, You did an awesome job on my wedding website, it looks great and the pictures are beautiful I love it; I go to it all the time I am so thankful I have the opportunity to work with someone who is so well educated in this field and knows exactly how to make everything perfect, you are truly gifted and have a passion for what you do and it shows in your work, thank you for making this the best experience I could ever imagine Mikki (April 2009)

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