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I am Suha Pressey, Owner of Weddings Romantique. After 25 years in Corporate America as a Financial Advisor. I decided to have a career change and follow my passion in event planning and design after planning several events for friends, family, and church fundraising functions.

My passion is creating unique and stylish weddings & events through creativity, detailed organization, and design. For the past 19 years, I have enjoyed guiding the wedding couples thru their destination wedding planning journey. I am Greek Orthodox; my husband was married in the Greek Orthodox church.
When we decided to start our new adventure, we fell in love with the Peloponnese Greece area and looking to relocate to the beautiful Nafplio Greece in a few years.

One of my two favorite Greek quotes is Kefi Joy of Life and Philotimo virtue and a way of life.

Philotimo is a virtue and a way of life, and it’s a way of describing the quality of being trustworthy and explaining decent actions and decisions. Philotimo, at its core, is about goodness, selflessness, giving without wanting anything in return, and the force that drives individuals to think about the people and the world around them to make a difference having faith the universe will reward us.

I grew up with these beliefs and applied them to every aspect of my life. When I thought about the next step of our journey, it was transitioning Weddings Romantique to help, guide, and inspire couples in discovering the beautiful, charming Peloponnese Mani Region in Greece and the Greek food and culture. I love supporting local vendors; what better way to apply Philotimo than helping vendors and couples work together to have a memorable wedding in the Peloponnese!

Suha Pressey Owner of Weddings Romantique
Visiting Event Decor Company to review new trends

Couples shared their wedding planning journey and wedding day experience, and it has been an honor and privilege to be part of their journey. I am excited about this new transition in helping more wedding couples have the same in Greece thru my blog inspiration

My goal is to help wedding couples by providing tips, ideas, and inspiration. I will be adding information to connect them with wedding venues and event planning professionals, so they can access the resources to have a fun, unique, and memorable wedding in the Peloponnese, Greece

Philotimo is a virtue describing personal quality of trustworthy, decent actions and decisions. Philotimo is goodness, selflessness, helping others to make a difference knowing the universe will reward you for your actions.

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