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Persian Caribbean & Mexico Destination Weddings are filled with stylish details with wedding Culture and Traditions. We have seen an increase in Persian Weddings where the wedding couples decide to celebrate their wedding and reception at several Caribbean, Bahamas or Cancun Mexico Resorts where they invite their family and friends to a fun filled weekend.


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Persian Wedding Ceremony - Sofreh Aghd Tradition

The Persian Marriage Ceremony is a cultural event, which dates back to the ancient Zoroastrian Era. Although the concept and theory of marriage have changed drastically over the years under the influence of different religious and cultural traditions, the actual ceremony has remained nearly the same.

The Persian Marriage Ceremony consists of two stages, the first being the "Aghd Ceremony", which is the legal and official registration ceremony, followed by the Wedding Ceremony or Reception. During the Aghd Ceremony, a spread or "Sofreh Aghd" is set and beautifully decorated with items that are meant to symbolize a lasting and loving life for the newlyweds.

The Bride and Groom sit together facing the Sofreh which is the highlight of the Aghd Ceremony. During the preliminary blessings and words of importance about the institution of marriage by the officiant, a piece of silky cloth is held over the couple's heads by female relatives and friends, and two pieces of crystallized sugar shaped like cones (Kalleh Ghand) are rubbed together, showering the couple with powdered sugar. This symbolic act is meant to sweeten the couple's life together.

After the mutual consent of the couple to enter into the marriage, they are pronounced husband and wife, followed by a kiss and the exchange of rings. Then the Bride and Groom moisten their fingers with honey and place in each other's mouths. This is another means to sweeten the couple's lives together. Sweets and pastries (Shirini) are shared with guests and the newlyweds are showered with gifts from family and relatives. After the official signing of the marriage documents, the newlyweds and guests are off to the Wedding Reception.

Below is a list of some of the Sofreh Items and their symbolic meaning:

  • A Mirror and two Candelabras (Ayneye-Bakht va Shamdan) - Symbols of purity, light, and brightness. The first thing which the groom sees in the mirror is the reflection of his would be wife after she removes er veil.
  • Termeh - A beautiful silk embroidered cloth symbolizing tradition.
  • Spice Tray (Sini-Ye Aatel-O-Baatel)- Tray of seven herbs and spices to guard against the evil eye. These include: Poppy Seeds, Wild Rice, Angelica, Salt, Nigella Seeds, Black Tea, and Frankincense.
  • Decorated Flatbread (Naan Sangak) - Foundation of prosperity for the feasts of the couple's life together.
  • Decorated Eggs, Walnuts, Almonds, and Hazelnuts - Fruitfulness and good fertility. Symbolize the hope that the marriage will be as strong as the shells of these nuts.
  • Honey - For the first taste of the new life as a couple.
  • Two Sugar Cones (Kalleh Ghand) - To shower the couple with sugar symbolizing sweetness and happiness for a good life together.
  • Wild Rue (Espand) - Believed to keep away the evil eye and bring good health.
  • Sweets and Pastries (Shirini) - To be shared with the guests after the ceremony as a means to share the sweetness and happiness with everyone.
  • Sugar/Ghand Cloth - A piece of fabric made of silk or other fine fabric to be held over the bride and groom's head throughout the ceremony by female relatives or friends.
  • Sacred Book - An open book of Persian Poetry or other Holy Book depending on faith.

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