Kyrimai hotel Mani Gerolimenas wedding venue

The stylish Kyrimai: Mani’s historic hotel is Housed in a fully restored nineteenth-century building complex, just off the southernmost tip of Mani, in rural Greece; Kyrimai Hotel combines traditional architecture with modern comfort. It has stunning views of Mani’s crystal-blue sea and its gorgeous landscape.

The complex that houses Kyrimai is elegantly built and restored according to the owner’s taste – but it also carries a long history—proudly standing on the port of Gerolimenas since the 1870s. The complex is rich in history, archives, and artifacts, who have stayed and worked in it through the decades. Visiting Kyrimai is like traversing its 140-year history. The Kyrimis family has restored the buildings that now comprise the Kyrimai hotel with the utmost care and respect for tradition. The old store, the residence, the warehouse, and the imposing restored tower and converted into a hotel run by the Kyrimis family

It is a charming location for a unique, authentic Greek Tradition and history. The stunning Sea view has a fantastic wedding reception venue option to enjoy with your family and friends with a unique Mani flavor for your reception menus. Whether you are planning a Greek Orthodox or civil wedding, it helps you create a memorable experience for yourself and your family. I hope you enjoy this stunning venue option.

The hotel’s menu is among the things that the Kyrimai team Combines familiar, traditional tastes with a sense of innovation. Our dishes aim to please the modern visitor and give them an authentic experience of Mani’s joys and culture.

Mani’s gastronomic history has numerous aspects that are worth discovering and tasting. The hillside and the seaside settlements, which had remained cut off for years, developed their unique, autonomous gastronomic cultures that effortlessly impress today’s visitors with their unexpectedly modern and unusual character. Therefore, the Kyrimai chefs’ decision to readopt the Maniot sofra. The low, round table around which Maniot families used to prepare and eat their dinner – can only be the starting point of a continuing effort to bring out the region’s gastronomic uniqueness – so that Mani will taste better than ever.

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