Kinsterna Hotel Monemvasia Peloponnese

The Kinsterna Hotel is a Byzantine mansion meticulously restored with great respect for its long history. Winner of numerous international distinctions and awards, the Kinsterna today is a true paradise for nature lovers. Words alone cannot describe the peace, the clean air, and the majestic atmosphere of the mansion and its estate – all with a view of the legendary castle-rock of Monemvasia. The Kinsterna Hotel is located in Agios Stephanos’s settlement, 7 kilometers southwest of Monemvasia in the southern Peloponnese, and built on the edge of the “Ibrahim Bey estate.” The historic mansion with a view of the sea, nearby medieval fortress town of Monemvasia, a lushly green estate, and unique culinary identity are the essential ingredients for an extraordinary wedding that will ensure your new life together starts on the right foot.

Whether you would like a classic fairy-tale wedding with a discreet note of luxury or something slightly more Bohemian, Kinsterna will provide an unforgettable experience and a lifetime of memories. stunning wedding locations will create your dreamlike wedding, for you and your guests. The picturesque little church of Zoodohos Pigi, with the Aegean Sea as a spectacular backdrop, is just a few meters from the manor house itself. At the same time, the wider region is famous for its many historic churches within the castle of Monemvasia and the Byzantine churches scattered throughout the neighboring villages and countryside.

The manor’s head Chef will design a menu based on the tastes and desires of the wedding couple and, with the rest of the Kinsterna team, will undertake to provide a once-in-a-lifetime wedding feast and reception.

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