Peloponnese Greece Wedding Venues

Discover these unique, authentic Greek experience wedding venues. The most famous towns and villages include Nafplion, Monemvasia, Pylos, Hydra, and Spetses Islands. Close distance to Athens by car, beautiful hotels, exciting sightseeing attract many couples to plan a wedding in Peloponnese, Greece, all year round.
It is a fantastic area for fun and unique destination wedding: many famous archaeological sites, seaside wedding venues with a gorgeous sunset, beautiful beaches, castles. Whether you are looking for a Greek Orthodox wedding or a civil Beach wedding, or a seaside terrace ceremony, this inspires you to plan a wedding and create a picture-perfect, memorable wedding and fun activities for all your guests. I hope you enjoy this inspiration to start planning your Peloponnese Greece Wedding!

Nafplio Greece Wedding Venues
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Nafplio, Greece, is among the most romantic towns in Greece for wedding destination locations to host your wedding in the Peloponnese. Only a 2-hour drive from Athens. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments and statues, Ottoman fountains, and Venetian or neoclassical buildings mesmerize visitors with their unique architecture and beauty. Whether you are looking for a Catholic, Greek Orthodox, civil wedding, beach, or villa wedding, Nafplio has many options for your wedding ceremony and reception venue. Check out the Nafplio wedding venues page for more information

Spetses Island Greece Wedding Venues
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Only 54 nautical miles from Athens, Spetses is a picturesque, historic island within the Saronic Gulf. The island of perfumes, named by the Venetians or “Pityousa” (which in ancient Greek means “full of pine trees”), is an authentic Greek Island experience with numerous beautiful sandy beaches. The romantic destination wedding storybook backdrop of grand seaside mansions, horse-drawn carriages, lush pine-forest landscapes, and chic lifestyle make Spetses the ultimate setting for your dream wedding in Greece. Most wedding venues on the island are luxury cosmopolitan style resorts, boutique hotels, and Greek Orthodox chapels for a wedding on a hill overlooking the sea reached by horse carriages or caiques, with stunning crystal-clear water. From quaint jasmine-scented alleys and elegant boutiques to wine bars, fashionable nightclubs, trendy cafes, and fine restaurants, you and your guests will have a fun and unique experience during your wedding weekend activities. Check out Spetses wedding venues page for more information

Hydra Island Wedding Venues
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Hydra is one of the most Magical, Authentic Greek Island experiences. Built the shape of an amphitheater on a slope overlooking the Argosaronic gulf makes it a charming Island to plan a wedding. Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestones streets, and squares with around 500 donkeys as public transportation explain why Hydra preserved its distinctive atmosphere. Its picturesque beaches, architecture, and rich culture will be idyllic to host your fun wedding weekend activities. Check out Hydra Island wedding venues page for more information

Pylos Greece Wedding Venue

Discover the beautiful seaside town of Pylos on the southwest coast of Peloponnese, in a large bay known as Navarino, an attractive destination all year round. Come in the spring and be rewarded with mild weather and a profusion of wildflowers; visit the summer and discover perfect beaches and outside dining under the stars. Visit in the autumn and winter, enjoy long walks, and visit our cultural sites in peace as you may have a whole castle or ancient ruin all to yourself! Today Pylos is a popular destination throughout the year and a safe anchorage due to the island Sfaktiria, the natural breakwater, across the harbor. You will find plenty of stylish, beautiful hotels with stunning wedding venues around the area. Around Pylos, you will find plenty of magnificent beaches; and fun activities for you and your guests. Celebrate your Greek Orthodox or romantic Boho Chic wedding with Authentic Greek hospitality! Check out Pylos and Navarino wedding venues page for more information

Monemvasia Greece Wedding Venues

Monemvasia is a Medieval Castle Town, exclusively carved on the slopes of a rock, located on the southeastern side of Peloponnese. This gorgeous sea rock was hidden from the mainland so that the locals could avoid enemy attacks. The only way to reach Monemvasia was by boat, now thru a paved pathway constructed to connect the castle entrance to the mainland. Today most of the old mansions have been converted into guesthouses and boutique hotels, with stunning and unique wedding venue location options. A walk around Castle Town travels to the past, while the sea view from the castle top is breathtaking. Check out wedding Monemvasia venues page for more information

Mani Region Wedding Venues

At the southernmost tip of Greece, and that of continental Europe, Mani peninsula, part of the Laconia district of Peloponnese, proudly stands along the centuries. This authentic part of Greece with a long history and proud inhabitants that is loved when discovered, creates faithful visitors and friends who cherish the fact that here, you can reunite with history, with nature and your inner self.

Mani, with its impressive natural settings and many hidden treasures to discover, is a revelation! After a walk through the narrow cobble streets of the villages, passing old stone towers that stand ferociously -as though pirates and invaders are approaching-, the visitor feels at home, as if that place was always familiar, as familiar as our human experience. Because Maniots have managed to build towns and villages so much in sync with the environment, they seem to be emerging from the land itself. Using only what little they could find, the locals achieved a harmony through this raw beauty that can be both exciting and relaxing, a true revelation that never ceases to amaze the visitors.

Mani peninsula proudly belongs to Natura 2000 protected network as well as to Corine biotope program. Its geological wealth that varies from pine forests to rocky soil thin vegetation of low brushwood and olive cultivations, creates an environment rich in biodiversity. A very important area for a great number -more than 120 species- of migrant birds as well as rare, endangered predatory birds find refuge in the wild Manian nature, placing Mani in the list of Important Areas for the Birds of Greece. With more than 600 plant species –many of them native- and many indigenous as well as non-native animals, among which are, the rare Chamaeleo chamaeleon and the Monachus Monachus seal; the abundant biodiversity of Mani is a part of the area’s mythic charm, inextricably linked with the quality of Manian cultural legacy.

This famous pure and wild Mani, is a pluralistic puzzle of pictures and habits, from impressive Taygetos to the lace looking coastlines and bays; from the monumental Towers and Castles to the stone-built traditional villages; from ancient ruins and temples to significant byzantine churches… The serene seascape of Limeni, the charming Areopoli, the impressive Diros Caves, Oitilo, Gerolimenas, Vatheia or Cape Tainaron, are only some of the peninsula’s treasures that will you enjoy discovering. Mani villages include Stoupa, Lagada, Tseria, Kastania, Limeni, Gythion, Vathia, Kotronas, and Gerolimenas. All the houses, museums, and public buildings in these villages follow the local traditional architecture to perfectly blend with the environment and the landscape of Lakonia in southern Peloponnese. Speckled with stone towers, Mani has some of the most dramatic and varied scenery in the Peloponnese.
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