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At Wedding Romantique, we specialize in Stylish & Glamorous Customized Multi Culture Destination Weddings in the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. We work with most resorts and will help you create your uniquely customized Wedding full of color, texture that makes a statement. We take pride in delivering each event with a unique and elegant style, impeccable planning, and seamless execution. We will take care of the entire Destination Wedding Planning from sourcing the right vendors, creating an event design that reflect your style, personality and budget to all the legal requirements for getting married on away from home.


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Laila and Andrew  Rivera Maya Boho Chic Cancun Destination Wedding

Michelle & Drew Luxury Destination Wedding

Nadine & Nader Stylish Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Our premiere services include but are not limited to: Destination Event Management, Event Décor, Vendor Management and Wedding Group Travel Services. From the finest details of a small beach or a tropical garden to large-scale luxurious destination weddings, we will help create an amazing and memorable wedding weekend. Our professional destination wedding planners are certified with over 10 years of experience in the industry, leaving no doubt that your wedding details will be handled with the utmost of care. We will help manage your wedding planning process by providing snapshots of your stylish destination wedding design elements to all vendors and help them bring their parts forward, so the band plays on cue, plates are placed in perfect harmony, and the candles are lit to welcome you and start the celebration!

We love helping our brides create stylish destination weddings full of color, texture and imagination that tell their stories and make a statement!


Weddings Romantique takes enormous pride in delivering world-class destination wedding planning services to all of our customers.

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Having Suha as our wedding planner was hands down the best decision my husband and I ever made when it came to planning my Persian American destination wedding. My family is Persian decent and I was getting married to an American. If you have seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" then you get the picture of what it’s like planning a wedding in my culture.

I wanted to plan a destination wedding that was drama free, relaxing and fun for everyone else. There was no way due to the size and high expectations of my family we would be able to plan the wedding of our dreams and be relaxed and sane without Suha Pressey.

She always went above and beyond to makes sure every aspect of the wedding was well planned and ready to be executed. This was the biggest help especially since my then fiancé and I are engineers that had been in a long distance relationship in different time zones for the last 5 years. There was no way we could plan a wedding on our own and I did not want to put the burden on my parents. That's where Suha came in and did her magic. She was there for us every step of the way. Anytime I needed to call her she was there. She was more than a wedding planner, she was my moral supporter, my healthy conscious, and now life friend. Without Suha there would not have been a spectacular wedding that both my husband and I would look back on and say it was perfect. Instead it would have been a wedding that we always would have known could have been more or better. Even our guests were saying that our wedding was the best wedding they had ever attended.

In addition Suha always kept us on schedule. The wedding planning was done 3 weeks before the big day. Because of her we found the perfect venue for ourselves and our guests and recommended the vendors (including our onsite wedding coordinator and designer who were fantastic). She helped me coordinate colors that would be appealing to the eye and in the photos. When it came to weather and unknowns Suha helped us become aware about the climate related nuisances we did not know much about. (I.e. sunset, rainy seasons) She gave us ideas for gift giveaways for our guests that was unique and cost effective for transport to our destination. She gave us advice on transportation and logistics. Suha even helped my husband figure out where to have our honeymoon. It was beautiful. Due to our busy schedules she made frequent international calls to the resort to check up on details, something we would not be able to do due to our busy schedules. I don't know what I would have done without Suha. If you are looking for a destination wedding planner look nowhere else. It's Suha Pressey owner of Weddings Romantique. Laila & Andrew 

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