Aruba Weddings 

Aruba: is one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful treasures. With almost perpetually sunny days, dry climate, safe distance from passing hurricanes, pristine beaches and sparkling blue water makes it the  perfect paradise to celebrate your wedding weekend celebrations with your guests!


The number of activities to do and sights to see in Aruba is near endless. Visitors looking to relax can partake in snorkeling and swimming off of Aruba’s many beaches. They can deep-sea fish for a full day or half day, try their hands at parasailing above the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.


Take a cruise on a semi-submarine if they have reservations about Scuba diving, go windsurfing, and much more! If travelers would prefer to stay on the land, they can take an off-road tour and explore Aruba’s jungles.


Visitors will get to see the famous California Lighthouse, the Alto Vista Chapel, the incredible Natural Bridge and other sights unique to Aruba. They can visit the butterfly farm, where they can learn from their tour guide all about butterflies and their habits, or visit the Ostrich Farm for a more exotic sightseeing opportunity.


Fast Facts

  • Climate: Tropical marine, with little seasonal variation. Aruba’s known for its almost perpetually sunny days and dry climate all year-round.
  • Language: Dutch is the official language of Aruba, but English, Papiamento and Spanish are also widely spoken.
  • Currency: The Aruban Guilder/Florin (AWG)
  • Standard Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time – one hour ahead of New York, except during Daylight Savings, when the time is the same.
  • Entry Requirements: U.S. citizens MUST have a valid passport to gain entry into and exit from Aruba. They must also provide proof of sufficient funds to stay in Aruba, and a return ticket to their final destination. U.S. citizens can visit Aruba for a period not exceeding 90 days.


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