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Wedding Reception Table Arrangements & Settings:

Planning the Table Layout of a Wedding Reception can be challenging, however a good layout encourages mingling, conversation, and celebration it will help you create a memorable and successful event. No matter how small or large is your guest list, the tables at the reception need to be planned carefully. The first step is to give the overall room an efficient layout, then design individual tables for the best effect.

Ballroom and Banquet Hall Layout:

The types of tables used at a wedding reception depends on the number of guests and the shape of the available space. Round tables are popular, but long rectangular tables can be a better use of space for a large group. Tables should also work well with the shape of the room – long tables are best in a narrow room, while round tables are more versatile for uneven room shapes. Once you determin how many tables are needed, you develop a plan for the ballroom reception layout.

Here are some factors to consider when planning the wedding reception table layout:

  • Key areas for reception events need to be clearly visible from all tables.The couple’s grand entrance, first dance, cake cutting, and wedding toasts are popular photo events and guests will need good visibility to capture these romantic moments.
  • Smooth traffic flow, guests need to have enough space between tables to allow them  to go for to the restrooms, buffet area (if necessary), the bar, the dance floor, and for general mingling..
  • When decorating the long reception table there several options to consider for your centerpieces. The new trend is a combination of tall and short centerpieces some of our favorite reception decor options include using flower arrangements of varying heights, incorporating a table runner for additional color, and adding candles for ambiance which will create a chic and stylish table reception design.

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