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Wedding Aisle Decorations

Wedding Aisle Decoration

Wedding Aisle Decorations


Wedding Aisle Decorations:

One of the most special moments in a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle; she is the center of attention that is why it is important to decorate the aisle in a unique and elegant decorations to make the special moment worth-remembering for a lifetime.

Here are some ideas for decorating your wedding aisle:

  • The new trend for church wedding ceremony decor is white or ivory flowers such roses, lilies and orchids.
  • We recommend that you to ask the wedding priest about the terms and conditions for decorating the church. There may be certain limitations or rules set by the church regarding wedding decorations. Since it's a place of worship, the church may limit the use of certain flowers or decorative materials. So, contact the priest before decorating the wedding aisle.
  • Take a look at the outdoor wedding ceremony location when you are decorating your ceremony aisle and choose a design that complements other elements such as gazebos and benches,  the aisle decoration need to complement the style shape on your outdoor ceremony.
  • If you are having a garden wedding, you can have columns topped with beautiful flowers placed at the entrance of the ceremony, you can also place flower pots beside every aisle seat.
  • Kissing balls are perfect decorative materials for aisle decoration and they can be easily hanged on the edges of pews or chairs.
  • Give your wedding ceremony a warm glow by adding candles, place vases with floating candles in the aisle for an added stylish look.

At Wedding Romantique, we take pride in delivering each wedding and event with a sophisticated, elegant, modern and exquisite style, we will be glad to help you create your own wedding theme and event design that reflects your style and personality.

Weddings Romantique Team

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