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Tented Wedding Receptions


Tent Wedding Ideas
Tented Weddings
Tented Weddings

Tented Wedding Receptions

A wedding in a tent can really be as formal or casual as you like, having your wedding under a tent in any outdoor wedding venues gives you total flexibility in all the details that you choose. Wedding Tents come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Since tents are virtually a blank canvas, you’ll probably need some extra things to finish your design there are tons of rental options available such as textured curtains and tiebacks, chandeliers and colorful cushions. Below are some reception decoration ideas you can incorporate in your in your ten wedding reception.

Tented Wedding Receptions Decoration ideas:

  • Choose the flooring for your wedding tent. Many wedding tent rental companies offer checkered dance floors, faux wood flooring or plastic flooring as options. Select flooring that matches your wedding motif and helps guests keep their shoes and dresses clean and dry.
  • Decide on your guest tables and chairs. Most wedding supply rental companies offer white folding chairs and standard 71-inch round tables for seating guests. Decorate the tables with tablecloths that match your wedding theme.
  • Add lighting for pictures and ambience, to create a sophisticated and stylish look hang chandleries throughout the tent to create romantic lighting effects.
  • Create decorations at great heights with fabric flowers. Select fabric flowers that match your wedding colors theme.
  • Use elegant draping at the tent ceiling to make a statement and create a visual effect
  • Create a  natural flow between the spaces. You may need to add signs directing guests from the ceremony to the reception and pointing out the restrooms.

At Weddings Romantique, we will be glad to help you create your Elegant Tent  Wedding reception at any of your Island Destination of your choice , we will take care  of your destination wedding services from sourcing the right vendors, creating a stylish event that reflect your personality and budget to all the legal requirements for getting married on away from home in addition to providing you personalized group travel arrangements for all your guests.

Our professional destination wedding planners are certified with over 10 years of experience in the industry, leaving no doubt that your wedding details will be handled with the utmost of care. We will manage your wedding planning process by providing snapshots of your stylish destination wedding design elements to all vendors and help them bring their parts forward, so the band plays on cue, plates are placed in perfect harmony, and the candles are lit to welcome you and start the celebration! 

Let us be your Destination Weddings Team, please fill our inquiry form and tell us about your ideas and vision and we will be glad to contact and set up your one hour complimentary consultation.