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2013 Summer Weddings

Summer Weddings 2013_ Stlylish Bridal Gowns By David Tuttera- Della Summer Weddings 2013_Stylish Garden Weddings Bridal Gowns by David Tuttera113210 Luella Summer Weddings 2013_Stylish Garden Weddings Bridal Gowns By Sophia Tolli Summer Weddings 2013_Stylish Wedding Bridal Gowns by David Tuttera 113230Summer Weddings 2013_Stylish Wedding Bridal Gowns by David Tuttera 113231

2013 Summer Weddings Stylish Bridal Gowns

Summer Weddings jim-hjelm-occasions-bridesmads

Peach bridesmaids wedding dress with white bouquet

summer weddings 2013 tuquoise blue  bridesmaid dresses by-jim-hjelm

Mint green bridesmaids dress with white babybreath bridesmaids bouquet

Summer Weddings hot pink  jim-hjelm-occasions-bridesmads

Pomander -kiising ball pink bridesmaids bouquet

2013 Summer Weddings Bridesmaid Dresses and Bouquets

Summer  weddings 2013 Ceremony Flower Arch Decor

summer weddings 2013 Ceremony Arch Decorations

Summer Weddings 2013 Ceremony Decorations (2)

2013 Summer Weddings Ceremony Decorations

Outdoor wedding reception cocktail hour decorations

Wedding Cocktail Hour lounge decorations

Outdoor Weddings Coctail Hour Decor bright-pink-wedding

Wedding Cocktail Hour Decorations_Light Blue

2013 Summer Weddings Cocktail Hour

summer weddings 2013 reception decorartions outdoors

summer weddings 2013 reception decorartions

summer weddings 2013 reception table set up decorations

summer weddings 2013 tented reception decorartions outdoors

2013 Summer Weddings  Reception Decorations

2013 summer wedding cake ideas 2013 Summer Weddings _Stylish Weddings Cakes 2013 summer weddings sylish wedding cakes

summer weddings 2013 Stylish white wedding cake

 2013 Summer Weddings Stylish Weddings Cakes

2013 Summer Weddings

The most popular time of the year to get married is from May through August. Planning a summer wedding allows you several options of having the ceremony and reception either indoors or outdoors. .

The 2013 summer color trends are cream and ivory punched up with shades of pink, oranges, purples, light blue, and yellow. The best thing about trends is that they give you fresh ideas, and you can pick and choose which fit your style and personality.

Make your selection of colors from the summer wedding combinations you like and then included them in your flowers, bouquets, bridesmaids dresses, invitations and reception table decorations.

If you are having a beach or tropical island destination weddings incorporate the colors of the surroundings in your flowers, invitations, favors, bridesmaids dresses and reception table décor. Your wedding colors themes can reflect the colors of the greenery, water, sand, plants and flowers

At Weddings Romantique, we will be glad to help you plan your Stylish Destination Weddings color theme, we will take care  of your destination wedding services from sourcing the right vendors, creating a stylish event that reflect your personality and budget to all the legal requirements for getting married on away from home and provide personalized group travel arrangements for all your guests.  

We will manage your wedding planning process by providing snapshots of the design inspiration elements to allow all vendor providers to bring their parts forward, so the band plays on cue, the plates are placed in perfect harmony and candles lit just as the sun begins to set to begin your wedding celebrations!