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Wedding Ceremony Exit

Wedding Ceremony Exit ides

Wedding Ceremony Exit Inspirations:

The Wedding Ceremony Exit is another way to personalize your wedding and make it unique, here are some ideas that you can incorporate in ceremony exit:

  • Wedding Wands: Wedding Wands are a fun and beautiful way to add a touch of color and fun to your wedding ceremony photos, you can hand them out with your ceremony programs
  • Rose Petals:This classic ceremony exit never goes out of style. You can buy or make simple paper cones and fill them with rose petals, or any other kind of petal you like. Then simply leave them hanging at the end of each aisle or assign someone to quickly hand them out as guests exit the church
  • Bubble Bottles: You can give bubble bottles to your guests for a light, whimsical finish to the ceremony. You can even buy bubbles with personalized labels to display your names or new monogram
  • Pom-poms: A fun idea when you exited the church or your ceremony give your guests pom-poms that match your wedding theme
  • Colorfull Confetti: Another fun idea for a sendoff is to use colorful confetti, you can put them is small bags and give to the guest to throw during your ceremony exit, you can go with white or colors to math your wedding theme
  • Paper Airplanes: Ever think of doubling your ceremony programs as paper airplanes, you can print you wedding ceremony and make them in the shape of paper airplane and give to the guest to throw in your ceremony exit send off

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