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Caribbean Island Wedding Venues

Punta-Cana-Stylish All inclusive Beach-Wedding gazebo ceremony

Cancun All Inclusive Stylish Beach Wedding Arch Ceremony Decorations

Cancun Luxury Beach Wedding Ceremony Set up

Cancun All Inclusive Stylish Beach Wedding  Sand Ceremony

Caribbean Island Gazebo ocean view Wedding Venues decorations

Caribbean Island Ocean Front Gazebo Wedding Venues

Cancun All Inclusive Stylish Gazebo wedding ceremony2

Caribbean Island Gazebo Wedding Venues decorations

Caribbean Island Gazebo Wedding Venues

Caribbean Island Gazebo Wedding Venues

Caribbean Island Garden  Wedding Venues Caribbean Island Garden Wedding Venues decorations

Destination Wedding

Caribbean Island Tropical Garden Wedding Venues 

Punta-Cana-All inclusive Stylish Beach-Wedding-ceremony arch decorationsjpg

Punta-Cana-Stylish All inclusive Beach-Weddings 3

Cancun All Inclusive Stylish Beach Wedding ceremony set up

Punta-Cana-All inclusive Stylish Beach-Weddings 2

Stylish Bermuda Beach Wedding ceremony

Punta-Cana-All inclusive Stylish Tiffany Blue Beach-Wedding-ceremony vows

Punta-Cana-All inclusive Stylish Tiffany Blue Beach-Wedding-ceremony

Los Cabos Destination Weddings Beach ceremony

los cabos beach wedding ceremony

Caribbean Island Beach Wedding Venues

Caribbean Island Wedding Venues:

Destination wedding planning takes enormous amount of time and can be challenging to manage far from your home.The average couple spends well over 200 hours planning their special day.That’s why it is important to dedicate some time every week to stay organized and follow-up on your wedding planning check list so you do not get overwhelmed two months before the wedding.

We put together some destination wedding planning tips to help you understand the planning process, from choosing your Caribbean Island Wedding Venue to showing your guests a good time.

If you are a busy bride and do not have the time to plan your Caribbean Island destination wedding, or just want to figure out your destination wedding budget, find out the Caribbean island venue that matches your wedding vision and looking to have a wedding professional guide you through the process, we would love to help you plan your destination wedding. We offer several planning options based how much planning you need. Click here to see all the destination wedding services we offer.

Hope you have an outstanding Wedding day!

Picking Your Caribbean Island Wedding Venues

  • Does the resort or a venue that match your style : Each resort and wedding venue has their own style; some cater to adults only, family, modern or historical venue. Find out what does your destinations and islands has to offer to you and your guest for fun activities, culture and history.
  • Is the location easy access for your wedding guests: Keep your guests in mind when choosing your destination if you have older family members you might consider an island that is easy to access
  • Understand how your guest numbers can change your wedding budget: Many sites require you to have a certain number of guests to book your venue location; if you don’t have enough, you could end up paying for meals or rooms for guests who are no-shows.
  • Find out what happens if your guests stay off-site: Some resorts require a daily fee for visiting guests from other hotels especially if it is an all-inclusive wedding resort.
  • Know the marriage rules: If there are residency requirements or paperwork needs you can’t fulfill, consider having a legal union at home and a nonbinding ceremony at the site.
  • Find out exactly what’s included in the package price: Some resorts include just the location fee, and you’ll pay extra for flowers and food; others will include décor and even photography in their price. Also some island resorts will charge 18% to 23% services charge for coordinating the wedding and helping select your vendors.
  • Use your credit or check card to pay for everything: Pay as many vendors as possible with your credit or check card, it will help you keep track of everything you paid for and have some protection in case you need to dispute the chargers, alert your credit-card company and let them you know before you use your card so you avoid any problems.
  • Know all the costs when you are choosing your resorts: In some parts of the world, hotel taxes and resort fees can add 20 percent to the room cost.

At Weddings Romantique we will be provide with a Destination Wedding Budget with different destination venue and island options so you can decide what your priorities are, and you’ll be able to narrow it down to a few key options, click her to learn more about our destination wedding services

Caribbean Island Wedding Venues Site Inspection:

Plan a wedding site inspection 9 to 12 months before your wedding if have not visited your island before. The cost is well worth the peace of mind you’ll feel after meeting with your vendors in person and seeing how the site works.

  • Check out their reception setup. Ask to see what sorts of dishes, linens, tables and chairs your site offers.
  • Look at the flow.: When you’re on your wedding site inspection trip, try to envision how your party will happen.
  • Menu Tasting: ask to try taste something for everyone, while most guests will love trying more adventurous dishes that incorporate the local culture, be sure there’s a safer option (a basic chicken or pasta dish) that will please more cautious palates.

At Weddings Romantique, we will help plan and coordinate your site inspection to determine the venue and resort location, schedule vendor meetings and menu tasting click to learn more our Destination Weddings Venues Site Inspection Services

Let us be your Destination Weddings Team, please fill our inquiry form and tell us about your ideas and vision and we will be glad to contact and set up your one hour complimentary consultation

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