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Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

Lavender bridesmaids bouquet

Light Blue brudesmaids dress with orange white and pink bridesmiads bouquet

Lavender bridesmaids dress with pink orange bouquet

Royal Blue bridesmaid-bouquet-wedding

Blue Bridesmaids dress with orange-peach pink bridesmaids bouquet

Mint green bridesmaids dress with white babybreath bridesmaids bouquet

Silver and White Bridesmiads Bouquet

Silver and yelow Bridesmaids bouquet

Silver bridesmaids dress with purple and lavender bridesmaids bouquet

Lavvender brides dresses with light pink bridesmaids bouquet

Purple Bridesmaids dress with pink lavender bridesmaids bouquetPurple bridesmaids dress with green purple orchids bridesmaids bouquet

light pink  bridesmaids bouquet

Pink Bridesmiads dress with pink white bridesmaids bouquet

Pomander -kiising ball pink bridesmaids bouquet

Peach bridesmaids wedding dress with white bouquet

Peach bridesmaids dress with rustic garden bridesmaids bouquet

Orange Brides maids white calla lillies bouquet

Coral Orange Bridesmaids dress with yelow bridesmaids bouquet

Cranberry Red brides maids bouquet with burnt orange bridesmaids bouquet

Green Brides maids dress with Coral Orange Bridesmaids bouquet

Brown Bridesmiads Dress with yelow and orange bridesmaids bouquet

Black Bridesmiads dresses with orange bridesmaids bouquet

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

Your bridesmaids bouquets are given to each bridesmaid as a token of appreciation of being in the bridal party. Traditionally The bridesmaid bouquet is smaller than the maid-of-honor your bridal bouquets.

Every single aspect of your wedding is important including the bridesmaid bouquet. Your wedding theme could be a mix of contrasts or a simple elegant theme in white and gold. And every accessory should enhance the look for your wedding theme.

Here are some bridesmaid bouquet ideas:

  • Blend the flowers in the bridesmaid bouquet : Discuss theses options with your florist designer and bring a swatch of the bridesmaid dresses so he or she can create a color that matches your overall theme of your wedding and reception décor. It is not necessary to have your bridesmaids all carry the same bouquet style. The various bouquets can all be different as long as they feature a common thread amongst them and still look lovely and cohesive. For example, if the bride is carrying a bouquet with three different flowers, such as roses, calla lilies and tulips, and there are three bridesmaids, divide the flowers accordingly. Each bridesmaid's bouquet will feature a piece of the bride's bouquet but be individually different. The bouquets should be tied with the same decorative ribbon for a continuous look.
  • Color contrast with your bridesmaid dresses: Thinking out of the box never harms and you can put this thought behind the creation of the bridesmaid's bouquet. It doesn't have to be in monochromes. Instead it can be a mix of contrasting flowers which burst into multiple hues when put together and set against your bridesmaids dresses.
  • Blending color tones in your bridesmaids bouquet : Another idea is a blend of a single color tones flowers in your bridesmaids bouquet that matches you color theme, it will create a trail of simple elegance down the aisle.

No matter which bridesmaids bouquet you choose, remember to always bring the pictures to your meeting with your florist.

Images are courtesy of Wed luxe  and Style me pretty wedding blogs

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