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Unity Sand Ceremony

Stylish Destination Weddings Sand Ceremony
Island Beach Wedding Sand Ceremony set up
Wedding Sand Ceremony
White Unity Sand Frame Kit with Engraving
Unity Sand Ceremony Frame

Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony

  • The Unity Sand Ceremony is an alternative to the traditional Wedding Unity Candle Ceremony This unique Unity Ceremony alternative is perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding where a Unity Candle Ceremony may not work because of the breeze and wind.
  • It has been incorporated into many of destination weddings in the recent years to symbolize the union of "two into one". This sand version is a beautiful and more appropriate for an outdoor ceremony setting.
  • The unity sand ceremony is the blending of different colors of sand poured from individual vases (or a variety of other containers) into a single Unity Vase. The blending of the sand symbolizes the uniting of the individual lives into one. Just like the grains of colored sand cannot be easily separated once joined in unity, the lives of those joined in unity cannot be easily separated either.
  • There are numerous variations to the Sand Unity Ceremony. As examples, the ceremony can include the bride and groom, the bride, groom and officiate, or the bride, the groom and family members.
  • The Unity Sand Ceremony, just like other Wedding Unity Ceremonies, usually takes place after the wedding vows. Prior to the wedding, the Unity Vase and the individual Unity Sand pouring vases, are usually placed on a decorated table to the front of the ceremony area so the wedding guests can easily see the ceremony. During the unity sand ceremony, a music selection can be played or a reading can take place.
  • There are a number of style options available when it comes to Unity Sand Vases and complete Sand Unity Vase Kits. Most Unity Sand Vases can be engraved (sometimes screen painted) with the names of the Bride and Groom as well as the wedding date and other sentiments to create a memorable display keepsake of the wedding. The smaller sand pouring vases are often displayed to the sides of the main Unity Vase and can contain colored sand, colored glass pebbles, flowers, etc.
  • A complete Unity Sand Vase Kit usually includes 2 smaller pouring vases, 1 larger unity vase, 2 containers of colored sand, instructions on how to coordinate the ceremony and sample ceremony wording options.
  • Complete Unity Sand Vase Kits range in cost from about $50.00 to $75.00 - some includes personalization. Unity Sand Vase only options cost about $30.00 and up and include the main unity vase and several smaller sand pouring vases. Unity Vase Sets with additional sand pouring vases for children or other family members are also available.
  • The sand that is used in the Unity Sand Ceremony can be color coordinated based on the established wedding colors, the favorite colors of those participating in the ceremony, or simply several contrasting colors like black and white or grey and white. Some sand suppliers can even match your wedding fabric colors. Colored sand will range in price from $3.50 - $7.50 per individual pound (plus shipping) depending upon who you order it from. Larger quantities (10 pounds and more) will usually cost less per pound. Since vase sizes vary, be sure to order sufficient sand to fill your vase size - as well as extra sand to practice with before the actual ceremony. 1.5 cups of sand weighs approximately 1 pound.
  • The different colors of unity sand can be poured in alternating layers, poured simultaneously, or poured using a combination of both pouring techniques. One popular technique is to start by layering the sand (which symbolizes the individuality of those being united) and then finally pouring both sand colors simultaneously to top off the Unity Vase (which symbolizes the uniting of the individual lives).
  • Whichever pouring techniques you decide on, you should always take a little time to practice before the actual sand ceremony to determine the proper amount of sand to use to fill the unity vase - and to perfect your pouring technique.

Tip: The sand should be kept dry both before and after it is poured since damp sand will clump and dyed sand may bleed if wet. If high humidity may be a factor, you should keep the sand in a closed container until you are ready to use it. The sand should also be approximately the same temperature as the ceremony area before the container is opened to avoid moisture condensation on the sand crystals.

Finally, after the sand has been poured into the Unity Vase (and before the vase is moved) the vase should be tapped lightly to make sure the sand is settled into place and then the vase should be topped off with sand and sealed with a stopper or sealed with a layer of melted wax to lock the sand in place so it won't shift or spill if the vase is tipped.

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