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Stylish Wedding Cake Table Ideas

Stylish White Cake Table decorations
Stylish Wedding Cake table  decorationss with crystal stand
Stylish Blush Pink Cake Table decorations
Stylish Red  and black Cake Table decorations

 Stylish Wedding Cake Table Ideas:

Your wedding cake is one the stars of your wedding reception and one of the focal point for taking your wedding photography during the reception

There are lot of ways to create an elegant and stylish cake table decorations, here are some are some ideas:

  • Stylish Wedding Cake Design: Start with the cake design and consult with your cake designer to create a stylish cake that complement your wedding venue and color theme.
  • Stylish and Elegant Wedding Linen: One of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate a wedding cake table is to use an elegant and stylish tablecloth. Select a tablecloth that has a pattern or color similar to your wedding colors or the décor of your wedding cake. Damask, floral patterns, stripes and polka dots all make a great statement on your wedding cake tables
  • Chic and Elegant Cake Stand and Accessories: flowers, and satin ribbons, crystal base are great way to add an elegant touch to your wedding cake
  • Lighting: use spotlights to create a dramatic look and make the cake the focal point. You can also create a more vivid look by turning the lights down and using a colored spot lights that matches your color theme.
  • Stylish Backdrop: create a backdrop if your cake is not in the center of the room. You can use elegant and stylish linen, a large piece of artwork, or a large flower arrangement to create a backdrop and add a focal point for the wedding cake.
  • For a Vintage or a Shabby Chic Wedding Theme, use an antique piece of furniture to display the wedding or add a desert bar on the same table  

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