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Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

 Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

Tiffany blue wedding theme is an elegant way to add style and sophistication to your wedding. The signature Tiffany's box, which is light blue with a white ribbon is the typical theme that is associated with the Tiffany blue  and Tiffany Blue Co theme.

You can incorporate the theme in several elements in your wedding and reception

  • You can choose your wedding bouquets with white and ivory flowers with Tiffany blue accents or Tiffany blue satin for bouquet holder, you can also add a crystal handle if you like more bling!
  • For the centerpieces all shades of whites and pinks will be the perfect counterpoint for blue and silver ribbons, hang Tiffany charms or crystal around flower vases on the tables, you can aslo sprinkle them around the base of each centerpiece, or incorporate the crystals in flower arrangements and lighting fixtures throughout the room.
  • Tiffany blue napkin rings holders around white napkins or Tiffany blue napkins tied with white ribbon or crystal rhinestone napkin rings.
  • For the place cards choose a style that resemble a Tiffany's box.
  • Add Tiffany blue ruffled chairs covers in Tiffany blue for extra touch elegance.

My Stylish Event By Wedding Romantique, we are continually looking for elegant and stylish ideas for your wedding and reception, we will be glad to help you create sophisticated and elegant wedding theme that matches you style and budget.

Let us be your Event Planning and Design team for your wedding or event please fill our inquiry form and tell us about your ideas and vision and we will be glad to contact and set up your one hour complimentary consultation.

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