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Moroccan Wedding Theme

moroccan-wedding themed ceremony decoration

Moroccan Inspired Wedding ceremony arch decoration

Moroccan Themed Wedding Ceremony Décoration

The Moroccan theme wedding reception is something that your guests will remember for a long time. Colors for this wedding theme vary, from dark pinks, oranges, greens, purples, fuchsia, deep corals, and many different patterns and designs too. You can select your wedding color combinations that you like; most popular are burgundy/gold/purple, magenta/purple/gold, orange/red/yellow, and magenta/red/gold. If you don't like warm colors, you can opt to use cool shade combinations like blue/yellow/silver, navy/tan/blue, or teal/blue/tan.

The great thing about a Moroccan theme is that you can make just about any color combination work. If you select one color you really want and pair it with a similar shade and an accent color, you'll find it hard to go wrong.

Moroccan wedding theme invitations

The Invitations: Give your guests an idea of what will be in store for them at the reception by sending out Moroccan theme invitations. You'll want to find something that corresponds to your wedding colors. You could also opt for scroll invitations. A beautiful gold scroll invitation would be sure to pique your guests' interest. If you can't find the perfect invitation in your local area, search online. There are several companies that offer unique designs perfect for a Moroccan theme.

Moroccan Kaftan Caftan Silver dress

Surprise your guest by changing into an elegant Moroccan Kaftan (Caftan) evening dress for the reception, it is great way to incorporate the Moroccan theme in your reception. These dresses are available at

Moroccan inspired wedding decor

Moroccan inspired wedding reception decoration

Moroccan wedding reception ideas

Moroccan Themed wedding_ Sweetheart table decorations

Moroccan inspired wedding reception decoration

The Décor: This theme is easily adapted for any size venue and any size budget. Start simple with gold damask tablecloths and Moroccan lanterns and work your way up to low sofas and ottomans piled high with brilliant jewel-tone pillows.

If your budget allows drape the walls, floor to ceiling with colorful fabric or white fabric accented with plenty of soft, muted lighting, highlighting the flowing drapes on the walls and gently illuminating quiet nooks and crannies around the room.

Use fabric that has geometric patterns to recreate the look of Moroccan rugs. Position beaded table runners in the center of the tables.

Moroccan Themed reception table decoration

Moroccan Themed Centerpiece with Lantern

Moroccan Themed Centerpiece with orhids

Moroccan themed Wedding reception tablescape

Place Moroccan tea light lanterns on your tables as centerpieces, you could also use mirror tiled hurricane candle holders that match your wedding colors as centerpieces. Use floor pillows for seats instead of chairs for the children. They will get a kick out of sitting on the floor, and you will have created an authentic looking Moroccan table.Pillows and drapery are always good for decor for this wedding. Don't forget to bring those rich colors into your wedding flowers, too. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous consider including some of the native Moroccan succulents in your flower arrangements.

Moroccan wedding cake theme

Moroccan themed modern wedding cake

Moroccan inspired wedding desert bar table

The Cake: A geometric or tile pattern will be a perfect design for the surface of your cake. Think about making each cake tier a different shape to create geometric interest. You might also like to incorporate intricate scrollwork on your cake to give it a Moroccan inspired look. Draw up some sketches or print off a picture of what you want and give it to your baker to ensure the design turns out how you want it.You can aslo create a fun desert bar with diffrent types of Moroccan and Mediterranean deserts

Moroccan inspired wedding decoration _10

Entertainment: If your wedding budget allows, think about hiring a belly dancer to entertain your guests. Another great idea would be to set up a henna station where a henna artist will adorn your guests' hands with intricate designs. Be sure to have your DJ play a few Mediterranean tunes to put everyone in a Moroccan mood.

The Moroccan Wedding Theme is about fine elegant and chic details. At My Stylish Event By Wedding Romantique,we will be glad to help you create your own sophisticated and stylish wedding that matches you style and vision

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