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2019 Coral Wedding Theme


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2019 Coral Wedding Theme

In December 2018, Pantone revealed its Color of 2019 to be living coral—a warm, energetic color that radiates with vibrancy and life.

Living coral’s golden undertone makes it perfect for pairing with gold, cream, softer pinks, sherbet colors, magenta, pale teal, sand, ivory, pale green, and very pale gray. In our opinion, living coral makes a fantastic color for weddings. We are excited to collaborate these ideas with the De Luxe Banquet Hall in Los Angeles on how to Incorporate 2019 Living Coral theme into your wedding. Hope you enjoy these ideas and tips!

  • Your Wedding Décor: Living coral obviously works very well for floral, creating bright pops of color that is both inviting and dazzling. This is perfect for floral archways, table centerpieces, and flower backdrops. Another area where living coral tones can be incorporated is table runners and chair sashes. Long, trailing ribbons in peach, apricot and coral tones will create a romantic atmosphere.

  • Reception Tables: Whether you decide to go all out with a full living coral table or just use hints of the color, it’s so beautiful that we wonder why Pantone hasn’t chosen it before now. Living coral makes an incredible “drenching” color, and it also works with just small details sprinkled in, because it is such a powerful (yet friendly) color

  •  Flowers: As mentioned before, living coral works beautifully with floral. Coral Charm Peony & Sunset Garden roses are an obvious choice, consult with florist on flower color options that matched your wedding theme and time of the year.
  • Food: If you want living coral to also be utilized in your menu, it will probably mostly be incorporated in your sweets, such as macrons, cupcakes, or donuts.

  • Attire: The great thing about living coral is that it works both as a “main” color and as a secondary color for accents. If the bridesmaids wear head-to-toe living coral, it will look amazing. However, if they wear navy blue dresses and hold living coral bouquets, that will look wonderful as well. It just depends on how much living coral you want to incorporate. This color also works gorgeously as an hombre, which means your bridesmaids will look smashing in varying degrees of coral, peach, rose, and pink. A touch of living coral for the menswear will make the groom or groomsmen look incredible. This can be added into suspenders, ties, bow ties, socks, or boutonnieres.

Be sure to also check out Pantone’s detailed living coral palettes to help you decide how much living coral you want to incorporate. Hopefully this article has helped inspire a few ideas to get your wheels turning. Good luck, and happy planning!


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